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London Natural History Society - The place for wildlife in London

Our social media are groups are shown in the left panel of this screen. Underneath each link is a brief description and indication of the eligibility. Further information on how to join a group is given below.

London Natural History Society Facebook Group

The LNHS Facebook Group provides a platform for both LNHS members and other naturalists to share information about London natural history events/initiatives, communicate with more experienced recorders and get ID support and share photos of the wonderful flora, fauna and fungi observed on LNHS events. To join the LNHS Facebook group you first have to open or already have a Facebook account. Then send a request to the administrator to join the group. The LNHS Facebook Group can be found at

Yahoo Message Board

The Yahoo message board (LNHS Members), is intended as an online forum where LNHS members can exchange information and news by email. It is a general forum for current members of the LNHS who have paid the appropriate annual subscription.

The message board is hosted by Yahoo Groups. To join the message board, you need first of all to register with Yahoo. This requires completing a Yahoo profile. Although this process asks various questions about you and your interests, most of these questions are voluntary and are not required for LNHS purposes. However you will be required to provide your name, an e-mail address, and a user ID and a password of your own choosing, which you will need to quote every time you sign into the message board.

Once you have registered with Yahoo you can apply to the moderator of the LNHS message board to join them, which allows you to post messages and access member-only features.

You can set the level of access to messages; there are three options:

  • All messages posted on the board to be sent to your e-mail in-box;
  • A digest of messages to be sent to your e-mail inbox;
  • Nothing to be sent to your e-mail inbox, you will access the message board via the Yahoo website as and when you want.

To join the message board follow this link.