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Hampstead Heath Survey
2018 Events

Sunday 18th February
Bryophyte Survey

Saturday 24th March
Earthworm Survey

Saturday 21st April
Beginners Botany Survey

Sunday 29th April
Bird Survey

Sunday May 27th
Dragonfly Survey

Saturday June 9th
West Heath Sphagnum Bog Survey

Sunday 1st July
Wildflowers Survey

Sunday 22nd July
Beginners Botany Survey

Saturday 18th August
Fungus Survey

Banner Photo

The banner photograph of a Hampstead Heath pond is copyright Ian Humes. It was taken with a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III.

Other Photos

Other photos on this page are (c) Keiron Derek Brown unless otherwise stated.

Hampstead Heath Flora© Douglas NunesBetween 1997 and 2003 members of the London Natural History Society recorded the vascular plants (flowering plants and ferns) growing on Hampstead Heath, and the places where they were found.

Over 650 species were found growing on the Heath and every species found during the survey is included. Thus, besides native plants typical of the various habitats, there are records of garden escapes, of accidental introductions and of alien plants that have colonised the Heath, of amenity planting and other deliberate introductions, and of native plants which formerly grew on the Heath but, having become extinct at some time, have been re-introduced. 

The London Natural History Society produced a Millennial Checklist of the flowering plants and ferns of the Heath and made this data is available through an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet file listing these records is available from the LNHS website (download link below). Using a simple set of keystrokes the user can generate maps showing where a particular plant grows, and can produce lists of the plants growing in any locality on the Heath.Hampstead Heath panoramic© Keiron Derek Brown


Download the checklist

millenial flora mapHampstead Heath Millennial Flora Project – A PDF explaining the background to the survey and checklist, with instructions for using the checklist to generate lists and maps.

Hampstead Heath Millennial Flora Checklist
– An Excel file containing the survey records, mapping/list functions and a species checklist (partially annotated).

For information regarding current LNHS events and initiatives taking place on Hampstead Heath, see the Hampstead Heath Survey webpage.